24 Days

Stephen is a selfish least bothered young unemployed graduate who sets out for a ride to the Himalayas along with an elite ride group. There he quarrels with an old enemy and gets expelled and in turn ends up in an accident. 
At the hospital he meets a saint who leads him into a completely different world of realization and the events there after turn him into a refined human being and he finds out that happiness and peace are within each human being.
Director - Sreekanth E G
Director Statement
In this movie, ambiguity of life is depicted. An individual plans for something and the turn of events may take him by surprise, which can put him on the back foot. But still the human mind will keep wandering for things that keeps him engaged and for things that imparts him happiness. Even then, most of the people play safe with their life and become forced to be contented and keeps complaining about what life has kept in store for them without being bold enough to go in pursuit of what they really need in life. But there are a handful of people who are really daring enough to take the life head on and hunt down their wishes. In the due course they will gradually become a refined individual and would really be happy about the way they live their life and will start finding happiness which is there within themselves. Out of the 4.5 billion years that the earth has been existing for and another 5 billion years or so the earth may exist for, we get a mere 50 – 60 years. And if you wish to die with memories, not just dreams, then this is a kind of film that may inspire you.
 Our Review

There is a whole other Indian movie industry outside of Bollywood. Movies that are often simplistic in its setup and premise, but also often deep with its drama and realism. This movie is no exception and it's a surprising good and effective movie to watch, despite of (or perhaps thanks to) its simplism.

Just a random movie, about random life, featuring random people. It all sounds so bland and boring perhaps, but it in fact are the perfect ingredients for this emotional and moving movie. It's a truly engaging movie, that works on basically all levels. The writing provides the movie with plenty of good moments, relatable characters and it takes the movie to some wonderful and beautiful places in India.

It's a very professional looking movie, with some good cinematography and a good directing approach. The performances by the actors are besides pretty effective and part of the reason why the movie works out as well as it does. Saying anything bad about this movie would be nitpicking.

I was captured by the movie its story and I liked where it was taking me, even while it often wasn't even doing all that much or anything too surprising. It's just that well made as a movie.

24 Day was premiered in Florida at the Central Florida CineFest.