About us

We are Frame60, a bi-monthly magazine by filmmakers for filmmakers. The main focus of our magazine and bi-monthly publications is independent cinema. We feature perspectives from every side of the industry from cinematography to directing and writing.

Whether you are a fan of independent cinema or a creator yourself, Frame 60 gives you the chance to join an exclusive community of independent cinema enthusiasts and professionals working on real projects around the world. The goal is to herald in a whole new group of professionals to the industry and share knowledge for the future. Frame 60 embraces independent media and provides a voice for designers and filmmakers want to promote their products and their skills.

Imagine a platform where a writer or cinematographer could connect with a director across the world through a publication. These are situations that we hope to create and opportunities for people in this industry that simply cannot be missed.

This bi-monthly publication will be run by Road7Films. The company will have two main film festivals arranged to complement the magazine. With ongoing stories leading up to the start of the festival readers can follow the story of their favorite projects and then see them premiere at the two different dates.

Frame 60 offers you the chance to tap in on the local film market across central Florida. With perspectives from creators in many different genres you can discover more about seeing the impossible in creativity and building the future of filmmaking.

If you are interested in subscribing to Frame 60 or creating content for frame 60, contact us today to learn more. Are you a sponsor? Please contact us. We are looking for exciting new projects coming out of Central Florida and content for our community with Frame 60.

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