CATATONIA is a Short Film about a psychologist (Dr. Parker) who attempts to help a patient using an unconventional approach.


  • Mike Greene
  • Mike Greene
  • Mike Greene, Nick Greene, Matt Greene
  • Owen Miller
    Key Cast
  • Nick Greene
    Key Cast
  • Alisson Zepeda
    Key Cast
  • Matt Greene
    Director of Photography
  • J.R. Poli
    Assistant Director
  • J.R. Poli
    Associate Producer
  • Rob Pierre
    Associate Producer
  • Jason Labrada
    Associate Producer
  • Nikita Belyavey
    Original Music
  • Noelle Pascale-Wong
    Script Supervisor
  • Chris Greene
    Sound Mixer

Our Review

An intriguing short film, that does a great job with its mystery and tension and truly leaves you guessing till the end.

Guess you could say that this short its only downside is the title. It gives away a tad bit too much. But once you forget or ignore its title, you’ll truly get sucked in by both the tension and atmosphere of the movie.

“Catatonia” makes good use of its limited spaces. For most part, the movie is set in a single dark room, which really adds to the overall suspense and mystery of the movie, through its claustrophobia and lack of orientation points. The dialog, performances, cinematography and directing approach further more ensures that both the suspense and mystery works out and further more adds to the reasons why this short is such an incredibly engaging and intriguing one. Especially Owen Miller’s performance is worth mentioning, who sets the right tone for the movie, right away.

I still feel that the movie could have been a bit tighter at points. Just a few minutes shorter and I could have wrapped its ending up a bit sooner really. But these are all minor complaints. Director and writer Mike Green handles its themes really well, which as a whole makes this a truly great and fascinating short to watch, that never goes too far and doesn’t decide to leave everything simply up to the audience its own imagination and interpretation, while it very easily could have done just that, with potentially far less satisfying results.

Catatonia was premiered in the USA at the 2019 Central Florida CineFest.