Hollywood Hurts

Hollywood hurts
Hollywood Hurts is a “MeToo” story based on true events. Following a young model/actress as she navigates the world of entertainment only to discover the dark side of the industry. Is the glamour all just a facade hiding a dark secret that lurk beyond what we call Hollywood?
Director Statement
It took me a long time to find my own voice and find the courage to share my story. I hope to inspire strength, courage and speaking out. #TimesUp
  • Justine Renee
  • Beth Wheatley
  • Justine Renee
    Key Cast
    “Main Model”
  • Ella Grace Helton
    Key Cast
    “Young Girl”
  • Carlos Valentino
    Key Cast
    film festival
Our Review

You really don’t need an awful lot of words or a surplus of characters and scenes to make an impact. This short perfectly demonstrates that, by making a powerful statement about #MeToo and makes a stance against sexual abuse in Hollywood.

It of course is hard to tell if this movie is really going to make a difference, but that doesn’t mean that the movie shouldn’t exist or doesn’t serve a purpose. It gives a voice to the, who knows how many people who have been a victim of sexual assault. For that reason alone this short already is a both relevant and important one. It does this not by showing anything too graphic, but taking a more empowering and also artistic approach. The short definitely features some great cinematography and editing it and is very well put together by director Justin Renee, who also stars as the movie its main character.

It’s a short that works really well on multiple different levels. Both artistically and structurally, this is a great and important, unfortunately relevant, short film to watch. Despite not knowing much about any of the characters or circumstances the short still manages to make you feel for the character and care about the dramatic situations. A glorious and powerful accomplishment by everyone involved.