Madison Bowman "I learned that you really can do just about anything you put your mind to."

Danielle Bowman  "The only thing that was in our way was fear and once that was moved aside, there was no stopping us."

 Congratulations on your awards at the OIF LOL Challenge!

Danielle: Thank you so much! It was quite a surprise!

Madison: Thank you so much! It was very unexpected!!

"How to: Be the perfect boyfriend" is a well done short film. But it is at first a product of a Mother-Daughter collaboration. When did you realized that you two could form the perfect team?

Danielle: Madison and I have always been close and enjoy spending time together. We were actually hugging in the kitchen at home when I first jokingly suggested we make a film about Madison's ideas. Over the next few months, the subject of making a film kept coming up and I still joked that we should do it. Then it stopped seeming like a joke. I mean, we are both actresses, we both had some experience behind the scenes as well and we have lots of film friends. So it changed to "Why not make a movie!"

Madison: I don’t know if “perfect” is the correct word. Haha, I am totally kidding, I love working with my mom. Before we created “How To: Be The Perfect Boyfriend” we enjoyed working together. We spend a lot of time together even when we aren’t working. She’s like my best friend! Throughout the writing process, my mom was a huge help, I find myself to be a really good writer, however, it seems I’m not too funny on paper. I’m hilarious in person (as my mom will tell you) but I could never seem to transfer that to my script. So I would write a great scene that would flow super well, then I’d call my mom over and be like “Okay, now come and make it funny!”

& it worked out well? You know, i have never seen that kind of collaboration before within the cinema industry.

Danielle: It worked out very well. We immediately got to work brainstorming on the story. Madison did most of the writing herself and we'd talk for hours on the story bouncing ideas off each other. Even though neither of us had done this before, it actually felt very natural. 

Madison: It went super well, she did most of the directing as I focused on my acting and my other actors. I did do most of the writing, but as I said before she helped a lot.

Did you learn Anything from the experience?

Danielle: The biggest thing I learned was that anything is possible. What started out as a joke because I didn't think we could, but was something we wanted to do, turned into, "Why not make a movie!" The only thing that was in our way was fear and once that was moved aside, there was no stopping us.

Madison: I learned that you really can do just about anything you put your mind to. If you told me even 3 years ago that I would be where I am today, as a 16 year old writer, director, and actress, I would’ve thought that you were crazy! 
Anyone out there, it doesn’t matter your age, can make a film if they really really want to. You just have to get involved in the community! Everyone, including me, is willing to help those who are just starting out in this industry.
I also learned that this is what i’m meant to be doing, and I’m glad that I have so many people, especially my mom, supporting me and my future.

What would you have done differently on this film?

Danielle: Really nothing. This isn't to say everything is perfect about the film, despite what the title implies (ha!), but the entire experience was a chance to learn, I got to do something amazing with my daughter that most people don't get to do and I'll have those memories forever. Wouldn't change one single moment.

Madison: I don’t think I would have changed anything. Even though everything wasn’t perfect, it was all about the experience and learning from it.

 How does it feel to win your very first Audience Award at a Film Festival?

Danielle: This was definitely a surprise. Our entire goal was to simply produce a film with decent production value. We weren't expecting to win any awards. That was never the goal. 

Madison: Winning these awards meant so much, especially because walking into the theater, the real goal was for us to be proud of what was up on that screen. The awards were just a surprise and an honor. If we didn’t win anything, I would have still been so proud of my cast and crew because of what we created out of teamwork, hard work, and the pure passion for filmmaking.

Are you working on anything right now?

Danielle: I have just finished up a feature film called Always With You, by Ranelle Golden and Susan Grune Meister, where I play a mother dying of cancer. There are also 3 different web series I have been cast in that film here in Florida.

Madison: Yes! I recently finished my second screenplay that was filmed last September. I have a few other film ideas spinning around in my head at the moment as well.
As for acting, I have a couple lead roles, one in a short film called “Greela” and another called “Carve The Flesh” and those are coming up very soon.
I just want to keep working, it’s what i love.
Thank you the according us this short interview.
Madison: Thank you Frame60 mAGAZINE for the opportunity.
Danielle: Thank you!
"How to: Be the perfect Boyfriend is an official Selection at the 2019 Central Florida CineFest. Read our Review
Madison Bowman got her start in entertaining at the young age of 5 beginning in on stage theatrical performances. Her film"How To: Be The Perfect Boyfriend" was a huge success winning Best Editing, Best Sound, winner of Audience Choice Award, and to top it all off, Best  Actress A at the Orlando Independent Filmmakers LOL Challenge.
Danielle Bowman is an actress and filmmaker in feature films, short films, TV/web series and commercials.You may have seen her in "Where The Land Meets The Sky" and she recently completed acting, Directing and Producing the short "How To: Be The Perfect Boyfriend" with daughter.