Tell us a little bit about Mike Greene.

I always pause for a moment or two when someone asks me to describe myself. I love psychology and philosophy so this question is always a complex one to me. I was born and raised in Hollywood, FL. I come from mostly Scottish/Italian heritage. I am introverted. I am not a contrarian but I very much enjoy arguing as one. Morality is important to me, as is nuance, perception and awareness. All in all, I probably could have just said I am an over thinker.

 How did you get involved into filmmaking?

 I am lucky enough to have three older brothers that enlightened me to the world of film making. Classic home movies were a constant for me growing up. I love stories. I enjoy and respect the complexity of creating a reality from scratch and having an audience embrace it or even trash it, because at least they felt some type of passion for it. Filmmaking is a true passion of mine that I just can’t ignore. 

 Catatonia is the title of your last Short Film. Tell us about the making of it.

 Not only was it my last short film, it’s my first and only short film (so far)! I will never forget each and every step involved with the making of it, which says a lot because I have a terrible memory. Because this was my first attempt to write/direct/edit/produce/etc. many mistakes were made and time extended. It took almost a year to write such a seemingly short film. Including re-writes up until the night before shooting. It was a 3 day shoot where practically everything I pre production planned for was coming undone, as is typical it seems in the film world. The greatest thing I could say about the filmmaking experiences were the immense lessons I learned and the amazing people I got to work with. The majority of the cast and crew have been working together for over 10 years now and it was truly anxiety relieving to have such expertise surrounding me. As well as all three of my brothers on set with me. Nick Greene (Actor), Chris Greene (Sound), Matt Greene (DP). It’s the first time we’ve all got together to work on a film.


About Catatonia, Jon Kohan, Screen Writer and CFCF Judge said: The mark of a great short film is wishing that it was a feature instead. Everything was impressive, And Frank Veenstra, belgium film critic stated: An intriguing short film, that does a great job with its mystery and tension and truly leaves you guessing till the end. Very encouraging comments for an emerging filmmaker, Do you think?


First off, thank you Jon Kohan and Frank Veenstra for reviewing Catatonia and leaving such positive feedback. I think most filmmakers would agree that we hear more no’s and negative feedback than not and it’s very refreshing when people appreciate something we put such back breaking sweat and time into. I don’t think validation is truly a motivation for making a film, but the solidarity in appreciation of creativity is for me. I was a part of something that meant so much to me and you felt something for it. That makes me happy. 

 Who you think will like Catatonia?

 Popcorn films are great, but I really enjoy thought provoking films. Films that aren’t so much hand fed information, but created in a way where you really have to think about what’s going on and where is this headed? However, making sure it does not go so far off the rails that it just completely doesn’t make sense. I tried my best to emulate this idea and hope people will embrace this concept and accept it more as mainstream. 

 Are you working on any current project?

 Right now, I have just about finished the shooting of a feature film titled, “Marcus” written and directed by J.R. Poli. Marcus was originally an award winning short film that I had the pleasure to be a part of which really inspired me to take the leap into writing and directing. As for myself I have a good amount of projects either floating in my head or in the early stages of creation. Anxiety is a big presence in my life and throughout the entire film making process of Catatonia I felt this “positive pressure” (as I like to call it) where stress had overwhelmed me, but it felt good and had me extremely focused like I had taken that limitless pill. A very natural high that as soon as I was done with the film, I immediately was ready to make another one!   

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this! 

Catatonia was premiered in the US at the Central Florida CineFest - CFCF