Paisler Greer "There is one quality that must shine the most in order to produce the greatest product - “open-mindedness”. 

You're a very talented film director, do you recognize that?

Sometimes it’s hard for us to recognize our own talents. I find that when I’m super passionate about something - I tend to be overly critical of it. Sometimes I have to take a step back and see my work through other people’s eyes. 

Aside from that, I am a young woman in my early 20’s in the film industry. When I see these incredible directors with years of experience competing for the same awards as me, often times it makes me doubt that I will ever be on their level. I have to continuously remember that I can never learn TOO much. Every film set is a new learning experience for me... and whether I’m 12 or 200 years old, I don’t think that I will ever learn enough. 

Your film "Kat" won two awards at the OIF event last year and two awards at the Central Florida ShortNight in March this year. Your latest production, The Entrepreneur, was well received at the OIF LOL Challenge in June this year. What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a Film Director?

Many people may think that the most important quality in a film director is their vision, creativity, or passion. While this is true, there is one quality that must shine the most in order to produce the greatest product - “open-mindedness”. 

With open-mindedness comes a strong leader, but a leader can’t lead productively without it. Being willing to listen to ideas from all members of your cast and crew can sprout new and improved visions. Everyone is creative in their own way, and whether the ideas are doable or worthwhile, their creativity deserves to be honored. 


You often collaborate with Ciarra Debritto as your cinematographer. When it all started?

I had written a feature film script titled “Loves Me Not”. During this time, I was holding interviews with cinematographers all around the state. I had people reach out with years and years of experience under their belts and who owned the most expensive and highly-rated equipment. 

Meanwhile, Ciarra impressed me with the bare minimum. She had herself, a Canon 5D MK IV and a small team of people under her “Lionforce Media”. Choosing Ciarra was no mistake at all. She was the most creative and remarkable cinematographer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to change the mood of a scene with a special move of the lens was impressive. She was a team player and a leader when needed. I am so honored to be working with someone of her talent. 

The Entrepreneur is a well crafted short film and you had a short amount of time to put it together. How was the atmosphere on set?

Our set was not at all small. There were many moving pieces and lots more talent than we experienced during “Kat”. I was astonished at how professional and efficient the team was on this project. Everyone had defined tasks that were assigned to them and equally pulled their weight. 

When cast and crew aren’t overworked, they are fed well, and expectations are well communicated and met - productivity is at its finest. 

An actor is being unprofessional. How do you manage the situation?

I usually try to avoid that situation. Initially, the audition process itself should not be taken lightly. Although video auditions are great for seeking out talent, it’s also good to get familiar with the talent’s work ethic by holding a phone or in-person interview. I would rather work with an actor who is respectful, adaptable, and a beginner than an actor who is experienced but can’t maintain himself on set. Simply said - just don’t have actors with questionable behavior and who don’t take the craft seriously whatsoever. There is time for fun on set, but then there are times to be serious. 

Are you working on anything right now?

I am currently in development of a new short psychological thriller called “The Protégé”. Although I don’t want to give anything away quite yet, I can assure you that this film will be next-level and a challenge beyond anything I’ve done before. Creative and meaningful storytelling at its finest! 



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