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Freeddie Jarrett

Freddie Jarrett "I learn something from everything I do, whether it be
while preparing for the role, filming, or watching the finished product".

Paisleyt Greer

Paisler Greer "There is one quality that must shine the most in order to produce the greatest product - “open-mindedness”. 

Zack Tuttle

Zachary Tuttle "The key thing is to have an open mind and be ready to listen to others while also keeping faith that everything will go smoothly".

Maurice T Johnson

Maurice T Johnson "Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and to take risks".

Mike Green

Mike Greene "I don’t think validation is truly a motivation for making a film, but the solidarity in appreciation of creativity is for me".

 Yanta Antoine

Yanta Tania Antoine "With the right encouragement and support, teamwork really makes the dream work".


Madison M. Bowman & Danielle J. Bowman "Anyone out there, it doesn’t matter your age, can make a film if they really really want to. You just have to get involved in the community!